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Today is July 30th Hour 04:00:26 - Argentina Local Time (UTC-03:00)
ATTENTION - EXTENDED BIDDING: If a bid is placed within the
last 5 minutes of an auction, the closing time automatically extends
5 minutes, to allow for new bids. Any bids placed within that
additional time will in turn extend the closing time again, and so on.

Auction #96: GENERAL AUCTION: WORLDWIDE + ARGENTINA with very good lots!
Total lots: 1004     Dealer: Jalil Stamps
General sale with good lots of Argentina, South America and Worldwide, including classics, rarities from all periods, postal history, lots, collections, etc etc, all at very attractive starts. You will surely find material of your interest after revising this sale!!
See List     Closing: 2014-08-06 21:00:00 Argentina Local Time (UTC-03:00)

Auction #97: ARGENTINA: Lots from a nice general collection, VERY LOW starts!
Total lots: 269     Dealer: Jalil Stamps
Attractive auction with many rare and very scarce Argentina stamps (from classic to modern), including a very good section of Official and Telegraph stamps. Many of the sets and stamps offered here are not found in the market and are missing in most collections, and for years have not been offered in auctions or sales, and some are not listed even in, the site with the most important stock of Argentina stamps. It is good to consider that demand for this type of material is increasing and is not yet fully satisfied, that is why I believe in the near future prices for rare and/or scarce Argentina stamps will see a considerable increase in their value, becoming a very good investment for those who are now buying and forming collections.This auction includes many postage stamps and varieties that, even though they have a low catalogue value, are scarce in the stocks of local and international stamp dealers, and when collectors wish to complete their want-list they must wait a long time (sometimes years) for those stamps. There is a wide range of these ''small rarities'' at VERY LOW and attractive starts, and a strong and healthy bidding can be expected. Collectors of the Official chapter will also find a good number of rare pieces at low starts (demand is growing, and surely the next GJ catalogue will reflect this reality with some value increases)
See List     Closing: 2014-08-12 22:00:00 Argentina Local Time (UTC-03:00)

Auction #98: ARGENTINA: "Budget" auction with hundreds of lots at very low starts!
Total lots: 536     Dealer: Jalil Stamps
A new sale prepared by Pablo, with many hundreds of interesting lots (from classic to modern), with material for every level of collector and at very low starts!
See List     Closing: 2014-08-19 22:00:00 Argentina Local Time (UTC-03:00)

Auction #99: ARGENTINA: Selection of good Rivadavias, including rarities!
Total lots: 154     Dealer: Jalil Stamps
With this sale we begin to break up a nice collection of Rivadavias, with very handsome examples and good covers, varieties, colors, every printing, rare cancels and material for all the collectors who love this popular issue, which is the most collected stamp of Argentina philately. The market of Argentine stamps is very active, with a lot of demand for material of every type, but Rivadavias are by far the most sought-after and treasured stamps, even considered as philatelic investiment, what makes them increasingly scarcer and valuable. In general stamp dealers do not have large stocks, and each new collection that shows up for sale is rapidly absorbed by the market avid for new material!
See List     Closing: 2014-08-21 22:00:00 Argentina Local Time (UTC-03:00)

Total: 4 auctions
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